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Studio 73 is a marketing and digital agency focused on providing its customers with a holistic concept for an effective presence in the digital world. 

 We are not just building your site, running advertising campaigns or moderating on social networks! We build a long-term strategy that incorporates elements that build on each successive campaign. 

 We take into account the individual characteristics of our clients' business, keep in touch with them and take into account their wishes, suggestions and daily changes in their business environment. 

 Our main goal is to make your advertising campaign cheaper, more effective, to save you a lot of effort and time to invest in the growth of your business.

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Graphic designer

Yordan Atanasov

graphic design and communication with clients
marketing specialist

Maya Ivanova

Marketing and Advertising
Studio 73
IT specialist

George Marinov

only he can explain what he is doing
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Studio 73 digital marketing agency

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01. Branding management


Logo design and overall color vision. 

 Corporate advertising materials - business cards, letterheads, folders, catalogs, souvenirs. 

 We will personalize your brand so that users want it and associate it with it.

02. social media marketing

FACEBOOK marketing

Creating and managing Facebook pages. 

 Design of attractive advertising campaigns. Design and implementation of sponsored Facebook campaigns leading to sales. 

 Reach target audiences, segmented according to your business needs.

03. Google advertising

Google ads 

Develop effective Google Ad text and display campaigns to meet your goals. 

Design of attractive text and display ad formats. 

Display ads in your customers' Gmail inboxes. YouTube display ad.

04. personalized advertising messages

Е-MAIL marketing

Creation and development of e-mail database. 

Planning the frequency of sending letters. Audience segmentation and targeting. 

 Creating quality e-mail content leading to increased sales. Integration of e-mail form on your website.

05. Socila media marketing

Instagram marketing

Branding and managing Instagram accounts. 

Creating Instagram posts and Instagram Stories. 

Sponsored advertising campaigns. Influencer campaigns.

06. corporate websites

Website development

Design appropriate look and functionality. 

 Structure the content on each page. Uploading photos, videos, presentations and more. 

 Website Search Engine Optimization. Adding a link to social networks.

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Address 50 Madrid Boulevard, Sofia, Bulgaria
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